Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Have not posted in a while

So as I suspected I neglected my own blog :(
The update on us....
Sammy is taking steps here and there and is understanding sooo many words. But he isn't "talking" even though he's babbling a ton.
Finished my semester today and got an A in the Geri Nursing course! Woohooooo!!!
Picked out Sam's birthday present, ordered party supplies, need to buy wrapping paper, and some more supplies. I can't believe our little munchkin will be 1 in less than 3 weeks.........

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer semester 2011

The Summer semester start today and I am taking Geri Nursing. Here's hoping....

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Sam's naptime is soooo weird. He sleeps for 1.5-2 hours during the week but this weekend he slept for 2 hours on most days and Monday was 3 hours!!!! Silly monkey!

Saying Hi!

So on Thursday I told the doc that Sam doesn't wave and she said he should start. Michael and I spent Friday and Saturday saying "Hi Sammy" waving. he started waving and saying a very weird sounding "aaahhhhh" then it progressed to "aaay", like Hi without the H sound. This morning during breakfast Sammy waved at mommy and said a very clear "Hi"

Friday, May 27, 2011

A trip to RUHungry @ Rutgers

Today was absolutely awesome!!! Michael took the day off and will effectively have a 4 day weekend! Sammy slept really well last night so Michael got 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep (Sammy had 9!!! then ate at 5:30 and slept from 6-8 again!!!)We took a family trip to Rutgers to visit RUHungry and hang out on the grounds of Rutgers. Sammy had a blast crawling around on the grass. The sandwiches were killer as always and the cool cool grass felt sooooo good on such a hot day. Now to pump, wash, and wine :))))

Here are some pics from the trip

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our current favorite pic of Sammy. And the last one of him in his little tub :( We started bathing Sammy in the big tub. Actually we don't bathe him, it's more like showering. He has so much fun and does not try to climb out unlike the little tub. Our little monkey is growing up :)

Sam's Doc Appointment

Okay so technically this was our 9 month appt even though Sam is 10 months and 10 days. The appt went really great

Sammy grew a ton! He is now 19 lbs 7.8 oz and 29 inches, his HC is 47 cm.
He's hitting all the marks except talking he babbles but no mama and papa (we won't have dada since in Russian daddy is papa and we are teaching Sam Russian first) The doctor said that by 1 is when she wants to hear him mama and papa but not necessarily discriminantly. Then I started to complain about the fact that Sam isn't waving and was about to say that he's only done it once. So what does Sam do? HE WAVES AT THE DOCTOR!!! and made a liar out of mommy Then she asked if he is using his pincer grip and I said not very much. She puts a tongue depressor next to him and what does he do? picks it up with his thumb and forefinger I swear the doctor must think I don't know my own kid

I really like this doctor I think we are gonna stick with her. She's young, nice, sweet, patient, etc. and she is into natural/organic stuff. She must think I am so annoying though. I ask WAY too many questions. And of course I remembered 3 more things I wanted to ask on the way home even though I went in with a written list

One more inch and we will be switching to the big boy carseat. Why is he growing up so damn fast????

So the above I wrote after we got home. And what does Sam do the rest of the day after I complain to the doc that he doesn't say mama? He mamamamamamamamas all over the place the rest of the day
Then Michael tells me that I am a liar about the pincer grip too. Sammy stacks the wooden "donuts" on the pole of his pyramid by using his thumb and pointer and I forgot

School is over and I am really enjoying being a SAHM now. We take walks, go to the mall, walk the dog, play on the balcony, etc etc etc